Loving Light

Healing into Oneness

Amazing ones of light

There are many among us who walk and live seemingly ordinary lives, but who are beings  of light in our midst.

This is a deeply personal tale of the ones I have been fortunate to meet.

J Krishnamurti

Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda


Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda

 Sometimes an amazing being comes from the sacred mountains into our life. He can relate to different people in different ways. If we are fortunate, he reveals his swarupa to us. In doing so, he allows us to glimpse our own. And when we review his work, we realize that he always showed us his one self. Deep bows to one who is beloved to many - as Eli or Swami or Guruji, and above all as sublime love.


 Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda was in deep meditation [samadhi] in the foothills of the Himalaya mountains, when he felt guided to come down into the city, to meet those for whom he had a message.

He found an online community called Gaia, and entered gently as Eli to communicate with people from all over the world. When he graciously revealed his name as Swami, we began to call him "Swami Eli"

  He came with a message about praying for Earth in large numbers, and when it was given, departed back to his beloved mountains. Through him, I glimpsed the wonder of light when ego merges with the One. In that, he was a true Swami, a Self-realized one, yet it mattered not to him what each person chose to call him.

 He was grounded enough to do an online project with us, and expanded enough to leave it all when he felt it was time to depart.

I had been yearning for the mountains, and after meeting him, I realize the yearning has left. In its place, is a deep sense of peace and wonder.

He inspired and worked with us to share inspirations in One Light Many Windows, and left us with a mission to continue to spread the message of The Gaia Minute.

The memory of my calls with him, some of which have been made into videos for The Gaia Minute is like a voice that still speaks in my ear. It was one of the most  magical experiences, a great gift of my inner guides.

Sensing the mother energy around me, he called me Mata. Yet he was as a father to me and to others. 

Created by Swami Eli


Conversations with Swamiji

 Swamiji graciously answered questions posed to him by email and allowed me to share them.
Q: What is the greatest gift of sannyas?

Swamiji:: Which sanyaas - vyawastha sanyaas or awastha sanyaas?
The second one is spontaneous disengagement from bondage, and the Gift is "the ability to totally surrender to Grace and will of God."
Once this state is achieved, one becomes a witness of the ever present Grace.

Q:What message would you like to give us?

Swamiji: I have been radiating my message LOUD and CLEAR all these months, you have it in your heart ..words are too inadequate for the message .

Q:Still, if you would like, what message would you like to give in words?

Swamiji:" I offer pure and unconditional love to all, God is love, love is God"


 Rather than teach by preaching, Swamiji  conveyed his messages largely through showing us the inspirations to be found in many different sources.

Thanks to Kathy who has put them in a slideshow [above] and created these videos.


Continuing the Conversations

Q: Swamiji, we see so many people today choosing to walk a path -swadharma - that is not outwardly at least, that of their fathers.
Is there anything in the scriptures about that?

Swamiji: Scriptures differ in this regard. Buddha, Mahavir, walked their own path, and were Enlightened ones.
Adi Shankara followed the traditional path. The "Avadhuts" have multiple gurus.
When one is TRULY and SINCERELY seeking, the path will unfold by the Grace of God naturally.
Scriptures prescribe BOTH as right path, the main emphasis is on the INNER URGE.

Ramakrishna Paramhansa said "Jata mat tata path (Bengali)" = Jitne mat utne path (Hindi)
Each order has its own path

Wordly Life

Q: What is the most difficult aspect of worldly life? The easiest aspect?

Swamiji: There is no "absolute" answer, it would vary from person to person, depending on samskaras and perspective.

Grihasthya Ashram ( worldly life) is the FIRE in which the soul purifies into pure Gold

Q: How can we overcome the physical decline / aging/ decay/ powerlessness of old age?

Swamiji: Let us understand the BASIC TRUTH. It is impossible to defy laws of nature:( birth-growth-maturity-decay). We must learn to accept it.

That said, there are several factors which may accelerate /decelerate this process.

Modern living with it's speed, emotional fragmentation, self centered value system, pollution, physical amenities of comfort leading to body system lethargy etc. all contribute to it.

Sadly, living in this 21st century society, there is little one can do. If your workplace is 50 miles away from your apartment, you can not walk. If you are a working woman, you can not give as much time as mother to your child as you must. You can not even STOP yourself or your children or your husband or your friends from getting attracted/attached to the many sensual (meaning those appealing to gross senses ...not only sex) attractions available (food, entertainment, luxury items, erotic stimulus ... ). Think and you could add many more deterrents to this sample list.

Living a complete holistic healthy life is the answer. It will not OVERCOME, but the process will take it's normal natural time. A healthy holistic life, a good upbringing and a clean environment would avoid the psycho-somatic disorders which account for majority of our sufferings and accelerates aging.

There are many natural cures which help, but how many would have the time and patience to get cured using these, instead of using pharmaceutical chemical medicines? WE HAVE TO BE WELL WITHIN 48  HOURS, we have commitments, targets, meetings, debts, obligations .... how can we spend 7 or 10 day taking time off from all these and getting cured using the natural process?

Mental peace and happiness helps a lot in keeping healthy and delaying aging.

But again, the forces around us are so powerful that it would take very strong DETERMINATION by a person not to feel affected by what is happening around us. It is hard to keep your calm when you see rapes, murders, wars and poverty around you.

 Pray Pray Pray... may GOD be merciful to humanity

Om Shanti

Meeting with Guru

Meeting with Guru
Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda, [Swami Eli]
Aug 14 2009

During my very early stages of wanderings, once at around sunset I heard the sound of a conch shell (Shankha dhwani). That sound was so reverberating that I felt the whole sky and the clouds resonated with it. There was a sudden bright lightening, so bright that I had to close my eyes. Keeping my eyes closed I started running towards the sound.

Soon I reached a small temple. As I opened my eyes, they were locked with another pair of eyes ... bright... shining eyes, hypnotic eyes. I could not take my eyes away from those eyes... I kept trying but my eyes were locked to the brilliance, divine brilliance, of the eyes. I tried and tried, but failed, and finally started crying. When tears started rolling down my cheeks, I saw a smile. I wanted to move my eyes away from the eyes and see the lotus feel, which now I could. Divine feet with sacred signs... only Sri Guru can have such lotus feet.

I heard "Aao beta (come my son)'. I fell on the lotus feet with uncontrolled tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt a touch on my body, heard
"utho beta, rote kyun ho
(get up my son, why are you crying)".

I stood up, saw my tears on the ground near those divine feet, and heard
"Dekho beta, teri dharitri mata ki pooja samapta ho gayee, aankh ke aansoo se dharitri mata ki pooja sampoorna hoti hai, daro mat, ab tum bina dare jal - jangal me vicharan karo, dharitri mata tumhari raksha karengi. Aao beta aao, god me baitho, tumko mai mantra dega, samjha
(Look son, your worship of mother earth is now complete, with the offerings of your tears, the worship of mother earth is completed, now you can move around fearlessly in deep forests and difficult terrains, mother earth will protect you. Come my son, come, sit on my lap, I will initiate you with Mantra.)

I sat on a warm, safe lap as I received my mantra in my right ear, and then a warm blow in the left ear.
Then, in warm arms, I slept....When I awoke .Guruji was gone.

I hear Guruji speak within me, and now I know... I have my Guru within me, and I receive all my guidance from the Immortal Guru "Chidananda rupah Sivoham Shivoham"

[In an email conversation between Swamiji and Meenakshi]


Like all who are self-realized, Swamiji had a wonderful sense of humor. Thanks to Anna for this slide show of his sharing.